As Pune Metro Turns Two- Welcome to The New-New Blog-site

Maha Metro is the entity that is giving wings to the dream that Pune Metro has
been for a long time. It is committed to complete the project within time and
within cost. More importantly Pune along with Nagpur have the distinction of
greenest and most environmental metro rail in making in the country.

#MahaMetro has since the very beginning has made a deliberate concerted effort to stay close to citizens of two cities and has been accessible to them in both
physical and the digital space to get suggestions, to understand issues facing them
and to continually keep them updated on progress of the work,

Social media interactions of Maha Metro both at Nagpur and Pune has been one
of the key touch-stones through which stays closely tuned to citizens. The
patronage of citizens has ensured that likes on Facebook pages of Maha Metro is
reaching fast to one million. Even individually Nagpur and Pune Facebook pages
stand at number 1 and number 2 amongst Metro Rails in the country. Similarly
the followers of Maha-Metro on Tweeter Handle are fast reaching 1 lakh.

Maha-Metro is continuously looking at newer and more innovative ways to stay in
close touch with the citizens of Pune and Nagpur. In another step in this direction,
Maha-Metro Nagpur project has gone live on Instagram. Today Pune Metro too
goes live on Instagram.

Today Maha-Metro takes another stride to bring it closer to its citizens with its
exclusive Blog Site going live. This blog site will capture all factoids small or big of
the making of the dream and actualization of the audacious dream, THY NAME IS
Stay tuned to coming posts on the Blog-Site

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