—–Transformation of Physical works to Virtual reality
——Virtual Reality becomes a reality in Nagpur Metro Project
——Convergence of Physical & Virtual Reality

Current Era of technological advancement has bestowed multiple ways to making a project a success using DigitalPlatform.Digital platform has enabled Maha Metro to curtail down in terms of cost and fast execution of Nagpur Metro project, which will be beneficial for public transport in coming days.

After successfully implementing 5 D Building Information Modeling (BIM) for its project, Maha Metro is now exploring 6D BIMor 6D Building Information Modeling mechanism for its project. 6 D BIM – a term widely used in the infrastructure industry, refers to the intelligent linking of individual 3D components or assemblies with all aspects of project life-cycle management information.

Use of 6D BIM is expected to save a whopping Rs 1,450 crores for Maha Metro over period of 25 years.

A typical lifecycle of metro project is for 50 years which includes 4 to 5 years on design and construction, and 40 to 45 years on operations and maintenance. When considering the whole life of metro, 80% of the total costs are involved in operations phase. Considering this point, Maha Metro has started working during construction phase itself to capture all assets on digital platform to reap benefits during Operation and Maintenance (O&M) phase.

Maha Metro, Nagpur is the first project in the country to implement the 5D BIM Project visualization. It is also the first to extend the resources to achieve another milestone of 6D BIM. With 6D BIM Maha Metro, Nagpur has created a digital twin with an asset management system. This way the organization has reduced the information loss which happens at the project handover time.

Traditionally the complete handover takes place between the project team and O&M team within a short span, but with this excellent approach, Maha Metro has done a seamless handover on the digital platform. Final deliverables are 3D As-Built models rather than the drawings, based on which the O&M team was able to plan the maintenance strategy and philosophy in advance.

To maintain the asset information in Maha-Metro, Maha-Metro has developed Asset Tag, where 3D component information has been linked such as product details, operation and maintenance manuals, Product specifications etc. The same Asset tag is being used for identifying the assets and to perform maintenance activities.

Total no. of assets estimated will be around 500,000 covering Rolling stock, MEP, Signaling, Telecom, OHE, Power supply, Viaduct, Stations etc. As per Detail Project Report (DPR) of Maha Metro Nagpur, overall O&M Expenses for 25-year period is around Rs14,491 crores. We expect to save around at
least Rs1,450 crores over 25 years considering all the above expected outcomes.

The transformative power of building information modeling that 10% to 17% savings are expected by implementing BIM in operations phase. Many infrastructure projects across the globe are using BIM, but some of them are utilizing the full benefits of BIM. However, BIM has major benefits in operation phase. We are fortunate to be one of the projects where BIM is utilized for whole project life cycle.

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